MHSgolf Updates


Every few months, we provide our clients with a newsletter, to give our interpretation on the problems which have been flagged up to us from the golf courses which we advise.

Golf Clubs and Courses are by their nature isolated and sometimes the only input is rumour and speculation from members and staff who have been visiting other golf courses.

If you have a problem, please let us know as by solving/ having clarification on your problem will help others. mhsgolf@dshearer.co.uk

The following are the Newsletters which we have sent you, as downloadable *.pdf files If this program is not loaded on your computer, it can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe Acrobat Reader

The latest updates are:

Update on Pesticides Legislation 2015 - Sustainable Use Directive

Update on Golf Ball Strike Assessment

The problem with Chlorpyrifos eg Cyren

The updated  list of expiry dates for the popular Pesticides used on Golf Courses