PA 1 Foundation  (Safe Use of Pesticides)

Practice Tests

Click Hyperlink to enter:  Please do the practice tests until you can achieve 90%

The practice tests inform you immediately you answer the question if you are right or wrong. Practice Tests 1 & 2 are random ordered. Practice Tests 3, 4,& 5 are structured to conform to the order of the questions in the NPTC GOLA On-line Test.
Practice Test 1 Practice Tests 1 & 2 contain 50 questions
Practice Test 2  
Practice Test 3 Practice Tests 3, 4 & 5 contain 35 questions
Practice Test 4  
Practice Test 5  
Practice Test 6 Storage & Records - both of these sections only have 3 questions each which if all are answered incorrectly, the candidate fails - this test concentrates on these sections and contains 28 questions
Update Test This 50 QUESTION MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST, does not tell you if you are right or wrong until you submit your result at the end - answers can be changed before you press submit - as happens in the real test!
The NPTC PA1 Test is called the NPTC GOLA Test.

ThNPTC GOLA test is an on-line multiple choice test in which there are  33 questions in 7 sections.

In order to pass you must achieve 70% AND at least 1 question correct in each section.
NPTC Assessment Schedule for Pesticide Application PA1

Details of the NPTC GOLA test is found on Page 5