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I have written many articles on Health & Safety on the Golf Course and these can be especially useful to greenkeeping students

Multiple Choice Questions as a learning tool

One of the most successful modern approaches to the learning of particular subjects has been the use of Multiple Choice Question exercises on-line. This allows students to work at their own speed and have their errors immediately corrected, The student also has the opportunity to examine the correct and the incorrect answers, to appreciate why they are incorrect. This allows the student to repeat the tests again and again to achieve an acceptable level of knowledge - understanding takes longer! Students should repeat until they can achieve 90% plus in each test.


There are several things to understand about these tests:


1. This is a learning exercise. We have created questions which will tell you immediately if you are right or wrong. Try to see where you went wrong before you answer the next question - if you are asked that question again, you should know the correct answer!


2. You cannot change your answer after you have given it.

  3. You are allowed one minute per question. We have added 20 % to the total time to allow the student to think over the wrong answers!
  4. The pass mark is 90%
  5.These training tests can only be accessed with a password
6. The Qualiuty Standards of the tests is based on the appropriate National Standards
MC Question Tests  
Pesticides -C&G/NPTC/ SSTS Pa1 Pesticide Application Tests
PA 1 Safe Use of Pesticides - Information and practice questions
  PA6 Hand Held Application Documents
Health & Safety - CIEH Level 2
Health & Safety - practice questions
First Aid PSD Accident & Emergency, Emergency First Aid at Work, Full First Aid at Work,  First Aid at Work Re-accreditation-
 Emergency First Aid at work :   First Aid at Work  - practice questions
Pest Identification - GTC Level 2 Greenkeeping Pest Identification
Plant Physiology - HNC Level Plant Biology Plant Growth & Development & Plant Physiology
Pest Identification -  HNC Level Plant Protection Pest Identification - Practice Questions and Assessment for HND GCM