The most recent change in Health & Safety Legislation is the new statutory 'Health and Safety Law' poster. Employers have a legal duty to display the 'Health and Safety Law' poster in a prominent position in each workplace or alternatively provide a copy of the leaflet outlining UK health and safety laws to each of their employees

This poster gives your employees information of what they can expect and to whom they can turn if they are dissatisfied with Health & Safety at their workplace.

You must fill in who is responsible internally, you should inform them of your Health & Safety Advisor, but finally you should inform them the name and address of the enforcing authority, generally the Local Authority Environmental Health Office and also the address of the HSE's Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS)

The last two have been a problem as many local authorities change offices every other year and the addresses go out of date. You are required to keep this updated

The poster has now been updated and the new poster gives contact phone numbers for local EHO, HSE and EMAS. You will not have to update these.

Your existing poster is NOT out of date and does NOT have to be replaced until 5 April 2014 - a five year transition.

At current VAT rates (15%) the standard version costs £7.34. The semi-rigid version costs £11.75. See details on the web at :