Warning signs in the workplace are covered by the: Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 and I thought it time that you checked these in your workplace, as Health & Safety Inspectors are targeting these.

On the outside of the Greenkeepers' shed please look for

If you have a fire door, a sign should be placed on the outside of the door


{short description of image}Petrol store

{short description of image}Equipment shed

You should also consider floor markings to show access and egress routes. Some greenkeepers mark the parking positions of each machine as they find this is very easy to control.

{short description of image}Workshop

At grinding wheel

At the battery charger

{short description of image}BOTHY

{short description of image}PESTICIDE STORE

Most of the equipment manufacturers have been including these signs as decals for the past few years with new equipment - and if they have risk assessed their equipment to include particular signs warning of risks - you must take due consideration when using that equipment. e.g. if the equipment shows a Blue Mandatory Sign indicating that eye protection must be worn - then you will have to provide that Personal Protective Equipment and ensure that the operator wears it during use.

In addition, safety signs must be properly designed, sufficient in number, correctly positioned, well maintained (including cleaning), in a good state of repair, and replaced when necessary.

So, the above are the basic signs and there are obviously more you could consider. Remember when ordering that size is important. Too big and the message is often lost, too small and no-one notices?

The last question to ask is about staff. Do they know what the signs mean? Do they obey the signs? That's a challenge to you as am employer!!