Over the past year several clubs have been asked by the Local Fire Officerfor a FIRE ASSESSMENT of each building and compartment of each building.

The fire officer calls a "Compartment": a distinct area that can be considered for fire. This normally means a room but in the case of the equipment store could also involve the fuel, paint, fertiliser and pesticide stores. It may be as well to carry out an assessment of each of these individually as well as collectively if they are of particular risk.

In the previous chapter, I explained about fire and how it occurs. The assessment must look at this as well as control, prevention, and evacuation.

The assessment can be approached by making a form as follows: Each Compartment must be considered individually by filling in a simple entry or the appropriate tick (some may require several ticks if several answers apply).

Site: ………………

Room Number: ………………

Room: ………………

Work activity (tick as appropriate)

Access Corridor Equipment Store Laboratory Store
Access Stairs Workshop Kitchen Dining Area
Office Workroom Classroom Toilet & Showers

Hazard (tick as appropriate)

Paper Electrical Machinery Fats Electrical Equipment
Flammable Liquids Petrol Powered Machinery Oils Electric Heaters
Wood Other Machinery Gas Computers & Other IT
Chemicals Gas Cylinders Petrol Toaster/ Microwave

Hazard Effect (tick as appropriate)

Fire Explosion Chemical Leak Electric Light Failure

Who is at risk (tick as appropriate)

Those In The Area Office Staff Kitchen Staff Serving Staff
Those In The Building Maintenance Staff Students Other Staff

Fire prevention measures in place (tick as appropriate)

Good Housekeeping Good Storage Layout Fireproof Cabinet All Electrical Equipment Checked
Exit Signs Fire Doors Clear Fire Exits Clear Fire Drills Carried Out
Evacuation Plans Assembly Point Refuge Area For Disabled

Controls in place (tick as appropriate)

No Smoking Permit To Work System Power Cut-Off Switch Gas Cut-Off Valve
Fire Alarm BGU Linked Fire Alarm BGU Emergency Lights BGU & Emergency Lights Checked
Fire Blanket Fire Hoses Fire Ext - Dry Riser
 Fire Ext - Water  Fire Ext - Co2  Fire Ext - Powder  Fire Ext - Foam
 Fire Ext - Halon   Fire Ext - Low-Pressure Foam  Fire Ext - Checked Annually?  
 Telephone Available   Access For Fire Vehicle   First Aider  

Assessment (tick as appropriate)

This area is a Low Risk Medium risk High risk
and the measures are adequate and the measures require to be improved as detailed in the report

Report: ……………… (detailing requirements or comments)

Signed Assessor: ………………

Date: ………………

As usual most of you will look at the above and say, "yes all that is logical, and most of it I already do" but do you have it in writing? Can you prove you have considered Fire, its causes, consequences, prevention and control.

In the event of a fire would your system react adequately? Could you live with yourself if it did not? Why not have a fire drill this week?