There are actually two Equipment Regulations, which affect you.

The first is The Supply of Machinery (Safety ) Regulations 1992

These regulations require :

The basic requirement is that ALL EQUIPMENT must now carry a CE mark


The CE Mark means that the manufacturer has carried out all the necessary research or tests on components, fittings or the completed machine to determine whether in its design and construction the machine is capable of being erected or put into service safely.

ALL EQUIPMENT used must conform to the CE standard. If your equipment does not have a CE mark you will have to upgrade - this could be achieved by an upgrade provided by the manufacturer or upgrading it in your own workshop to that standard.

If you are considering upgrading the equipment yourself, make sure you are competent and have the necessary skills - once more I would warn you, botched upgrades may be more dangerous than the original equipment.

The second regulation is The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98)

These regulations are designed to ensure that all equipment is properly used and serviced and details responsibilities and duties of an employer:

Employers must ensure that


Particular reference is made to :

This is all basically covered in a RISK ASSESSMENT

  1. List your equipment - check if they have a CE Mark
  2. List your Safe Working Practices for that equipment - remember to check any specific requirements in the manufacturers instruction booklet
  3. List the staff who are trained and competent to use that equipment
  4. Consider the areas in which the equipment is being used

You now have the basis of your EQUIPMENT RISK ASSESSMENT.

The legislation requires us to check equipment regularly - frequency depending on use - minimum for our use is probably every three months in season

This basically falls into four LEVELS of checks

  1. General Checks apply on almost any equipment
  2. Group Checks apply to a particular group of machines
  3. Item Checks apply to this particular machine
  4. Highlight Checks your own knowledge, manufacturers instructions, or HSE information sheets may show these to be a problem in this particular type of equipment.

An example would be

Date .................


Checked by ........................................