Chapter 21 STORAGE

In this chapter, I would like to look at the problems of storage - this is indeed a part of the assessment process which is required for all employers under Health & Safety Legislation.

Storage in Greenkeeping takes many different forms, each of which is essential and has its own particular problems.

In the Clubhouse

First of all let us take an overview of storage


All stores need to be large enough to hold your peak requirements. However, stock volumes should be kept low - only keep in stock the amount you reckon is required for immediate use - the smaller the store, the easier it is to maintain - the less the hazard, the less the risk. Bulk buying is not necessarily cheap in the long run!!

If you store Petroleum spirit, and all of us do, you will have to have a license from the local Trading Standards Office, if you hold over 20 litre in stock. This only includes the petrol in cans, not the petrol in the tanks of equipment.


In the case of pesticide, fuel and fertiliser stores these should be at least 4 metres away from anything which could be a fire risk - domestic dwellings or sources of ignition - welding, etc.

The environment is very important and you must consider where any leaks or contaminated fire-fighting water will drain and if that could be a problem. - drinking water, nearby water courses, well bore holes or areas liable to flooding


Basically all stores should be strong enough to withstand any weather or knocks to which they are liable to be prone. They should resist fire for at least 30 minutes - this will allow the fire brigade time to arrive and save the rest of the building!


There are many questions which must be asked:

The storage in the Clubhouse can bring its own particular problems:





The same considerations should be given to mobile stores - chemicals can be carried in either of 3 ways:


It is as well to consider what can go wrong and make sure your management of the store can cope - theft, leaks, spillage, bad practice, fire, toxic chemicals, cash, electricity shutdown affecting freezers

So, on one of these dark days of February, when you are not doing anything else constructive, look at all your storage, it could be the best days work you have done all year!!