Scotscamp'97 - International camp.

Dates: 2-10 August.1997

Address: Fordell Firs, Hillend, Fife.

Theme "A Scottish Experience".

Age: 12-18. Programme: on-site adventure and craft activities, electronics, radio, hills and mountains, water activities.

Following the International Camps at Apeldoorn in 1995 and Kenmore in 1996, it was decided not to go abroad in 1997 but to attend an International Jamborette being run 'on our doorstep' - Scotscamp'97

The format of Scotscamp'97 was to run a Jamborette of individual troopcamps - all activities run by the Jamborette Staff but food, cooking and equipment being the responsibility of the individual troops.

The Fife Area Scouts International Team have supported Groups in Fife for almost 10 years, enabling Scouts to travel worldwide at a nominal cost - one which everyone can afford. Our Scouts have been to Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Sweden, Holland, and Poland to name but a few countries!!!! This has encouraged boys & girls to join our Group, to have have something to aim for, and to understand that Scouting is truly a 'Worldwide Family'. I cannot praise Fife Area Scouts too highly for their efforts over the years.

Some of the older scouts, who were not in the Fife Contingent, decided that we should attend Scotscamp as a Patrol. We linked up with a Swedish Troop and a Patrol of Scouts from the Czech Republic.

One of our local Scout Leaders had been in contact with a Scout Group in the Czech Republic and so it seemed an ideal opportunity to ask the Patrol of the Czech Scouts to take part in Scotscamp'97.

The Sub-camp

Opening Ceremony


Fiesta Day


Home Hospitality


This camp was only possible through the generosity of

Youth in Europe

The Bruce Trust, Cupar

as well as many friends and colleagues.