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After attending the Satellite camp at the Blair Atholl Jamborette in July 1994, the Scouts decided that they would like to go on an International camp..

As one of our leaders attended the Jamborette Amersfoort in 1991, it was decided to attend the Jamborette Amersfoort 1995. The pressures on Scouting Nederland, due to the World Jamboree, however meant that the Jamborette was cancelled. The Dutch leader, Ed Luigjes, said however that if any were interested in coming to Holland, he would arrange and help to organise a camp.

The Secretary to the Jamborette was Paul Vale of Zeeverkenner (Sea Scout Leader) Cay-Noya, Leusden near Amersfoort. His Landverkenner (Land Scouts) were arranging a camp outside Apeldoorn at the Scouting Nederland campsite called Vrijenberg and he arranged that we attend.

A troop of 10 English Scouts and Leaders were also to attend. Several other Troops, from Sweden, Turkey and Greece had been interested but failed to follow it up. The camp however was starting on the Saturday and we were due to arrive on the Tuesday evening - we immediately changed out schedule to leave on Saturday and arrive on site on Sunday morning. Negotiating with the Dutch leader, Eric van Schaik, we decided that he would organise the food for the Sunday we arrived, and then we could make our own arrangements.

Travel was by school bus, hired from the local school, with a box trailer to carry all our luggage and camp equipment. A car was taken to carry the other four participants.

The Dutch Scouts of Cay Noya on the other hand travelled to camp by bicycle - around 60 km

Getting there!!

Camping & Campfires

Overnight hike

World Jamboree

Home Stay at Leusden


There is no doubt that the week spent with the Dutch Scouts was perhaps the best camp any of us had ever attended - and a few of us, longer in the tooth, have attended many. We are convinced (Scots and Dutch leaders) that this was due wholly to our total integration and the fact that we Scots followed the Dutch programme entirely.

It was determined that next year - 1996 - CAY NOYA would come to Scotland and camp with us.


This camp was only possible through the generosity of

Youth in Europe

Fife Regional Council

North East Fife District Council

as well as many Trust Funds, friends and colleagues too numerous to mention.

"Scouting together in Europe"