The Scout Group is the fundamental functional unit in the Scout Movement in UK, where the training programme for young Members of the Movement takes place. A number of Scout Groups are supported by a Scout District and a number of Scout Districts aare supported by a Scout Area.

A Scout Group consists of one or more of any or all of the following:

Scout Groups may be registered as :

Each Section has a Leader plus 1 or 2 assistants and helpers. The Leaders are responsible for planning and implementing a balanced programme for their Section.

The Group Scout Leader is responsible for the development of Scouting in the Group's catchment area and for promoting and mantaining the Policy of the Scout Association - basically having overall responsibility for all Sections and functions of the Group - in this he has to work very closely with the Leaders and the Group Executive.

In the Scout & Venture Sections a lot of the ideas and leadership come from the boys & girls themselves so that as the Scout/ Venture grows older more & more responsibility is passed to him/ her.

With training and leadership the Scouts and Ventures can run their Section with only the nominal presence of a Leader.

Each Group also has a non-uniformed branch made up usually of called the Group Executive. The Group Executive has a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and is responsible for, Group Property, Group finance, Insurance, assistance with recruiting leaders if required and other similar functions.


The Scout Association in UK is fortunate as they are now able to recruit girls as well as boys in all Sections. There has, by no means, been an avalanche of girls applying, but when they are present, the Section can be seen to improve.

The Scout Movement is the foremost uniformed youth organisation in the world

There are about 25,000,000 members worldwide and around 650,000 members in UK

Most Groups in UK are 'Open Groups' and so have a policy of entirely open recruitment - there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, colour, creed, nationality or sex. Many of the Sponsored Groups also have an 'open recruitment' Policy

We have a truly 'Worldwide Family of Scouting'.

Scout Promise & Laws

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